Your Ultimate Holiday Playlist

Your Ultimate Holiday Playlist By Reese Leif

As the holiday season approaches, so do fun parties filled with family and friends. Whether it’s a secret Santa gift exchange or just a plain-old get together, a joyful playlist can always get people in the mood for a little holiday fun. Music helps to get people in the spirit!

We asked our readers through an instagram poll what their favorite holidays songs were. A fan-favorite song appeared to be “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, and a favorite artist seemed to be Michael Buble.

We took the liberty of creating a playlist for the December holidays! But, don’t worry, this playlist doesn’t have to be used exclusively for parties. It can be the perfect thing to listen to simply when you’re looking for a little holiday cheer. Whether you’re driving home from school or cleaning up your house, this music can be the ultimate way to get you in the spirit. But what makes this music so special?

“I think that Christmas music is something that always takes people back to when they’re little. People are nicer, the world is prettier, and if you’re lucky, there’s snow, too” says sophomore Caroline Greebon. “Christmas music is pure and hopeful- it usually is a lot more grateful and spreads a kinder message than most regular music.”

“I think I love Christmas music so much because it just reminds you that the Christmas season is coming,” says sophomore Emma Painter. “The music kind of builds up that anticipation.”

Check out the spotify link below to get access to our fun holiday playlist! Be sure to check back to our Spotify every once and a while for some new playlist content.

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