What Will You Miss Most About High School?

What Will You Miss Most About High School?


After this years graduation, we asked some seniors what they would miss most about high school. Some said the teachers, some said sports, but everyone we asked said they would miss their friends the most. Raven Grasty said, “What I’m going to miss the most about Stratford is seeing my friends and teachers faces everyday, as well as, the community behind it”.

High School is very different from college. They have different people, different classes, different campuses, and also different routines. Bayleigh Sangi commented, “I am going to miss seeing my friends and teachers everyday. It’s going to take some getting used to the new routine now that the one I have been doing for four years is over”.

With the come of the new school year we wish all newly bound college students the best of luck in their adventures ahead of them. College is different than High School, but different isn’t always bad. We hope all seniors remember the important life lessons they learned here at Stratford and apply them to where ever they go next. However most importantly always remember to read the oracle, and Spartan Pride Never Dies!

Nicole Whiteford

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