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To meet the needs of the community, the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center must collect about 1000 donations every day. However, because of several recent natural disasters  such as Harvey and the recent snow days, they have lost thousands of potential donations. In order to compensate some of those donations, Stratford has decided to host an additional blood drive this year. If you wish to donate, read the requirements below to find out how to sign up, and make sure you are 100% prepared for the day of the drive.


Signing Up and Requirements

To donate, first visit the snack bar during your lunch period, and look for the sign up table. Here you will be asked a few questions:

  • Weight (must be 122 lbs. or more)


  • Age (must be 16 or older)


If you are 16, you will have to visit the clinic and talk to Mrs. Pomeroy to sign up, as you must complete parent permission paperwork to be allowed to donate

If you meet the requirements, you will be given a 15 minute time slot where you will be pulled out of class to donate.


How to Prepare

The night and morning before donating, you should prepare the following ways:

  • Drink as much water as possible
  • Have a complete, hearty breakfast that day- an example would be bacon, eggs, oatmeal or toast, milk, and orange juice. It cannot be something like a protein bar, a single apple, etc. You want to make sure your body has the nutrients to recover from the loss of blood.
  • Be sure to get lots of sleep, and that you are feeling well before you donate
  • Bring your school ID or driver’s license that day, as you need a valid ID to donate
  • Also have a good, balanced lunch that day


After Donating

After your blood is drawn, you will be led to a recovery station, where you will be able to select a snack and drink from a variety of chips, cookies, and juices. It is important that you stay here for 15 minutes, as we need to monitor you to make sure you do not experience any negative systems. You will also be given a complimentary T-shirt for having donated. After the duration of your rest, you will be escorted back to your class by a HOSA student.


Every pint of donated blood can potentially help save three people’s lives. We really hope that you decided to participate in the blood drive!

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