Under Pressure: Stress Controlling Students

By: Reese Leif

As the second semester is kicking back into gear, many students are being faced by mass amounts of homework, tests, and projects. Although it’s easy for some students to stay on top of all their work, the majority would seem to disagree. Students have been feeling overwhelmed for a while, but this semester seems to really taking a toll on the student body.

One of the root causes of the stress students are putting themselves under is the desire to keep all A’s and graduate with a valedictorian status. Because Stratford is such a big school, there’s more competition among students to stay at the top of their class. Although a little healthy competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the level of strain that students put themselves under grows with every year of high school.

This tension on the brain can often lead students to unhealthy habits. One of these include an obsession with checking their grades on Skyward Family Access.

“I check Skyward minimum 30 or 40 times a day,” one student says. “I know it’s unhealthy, but I just can’t keep myself from doing it.”

Because of the immense pressure to keep grades up, this student spends a majority of their time fearing that their grades will drop, leading to a harmful mindset with high expectations for one’s self.

The reason for this behavior is a debatable matter. Are students being pressured by their parents and teachers, or is this self-caused? Most would say it’s a combination of both.

There’s an underlying message in society that will call you a failure if you don’t do extremely well in school. Although this can’t be specifically targeted at a root, this idea is very encouraged among adults, whether or no they do it. Even if parents don’t intend it, they are constantly expecting their child to thrive in school while juggling all other aspects of their life.

As the year continues, it’s important to keep mental health in mind. Being in school can take a toll on the student body’s mind, but it’s necessary to keep your feet on the ground and take some time for yourself every once and while.

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