The U.S. Withdraws From Afghanistan After 20 Years!

Afghanistan: U.S. winds down mission, over 116,000 people evacuated since  Aug. 14
Photo courtesy of CNBC

By: Will Jones

 One of the many current issues going around is the situation in Afghanistan, which is that the Taliban, a Muslim fundamentalist militant group, finally took over the whole country, after many long years of fighting on both sides. This was almost inevitable, and the real question is whether the U.S. should have intervened at all, especially if the country’s own military put up almost zero fight against them. 

  The amount of money wasted ($2.3 trillion), people killed, and all our efforts made were essentially for nothing because in the end, the country was just given up, and after the U.S. left, there was barely any force. Sure, we could lend a helping hand to the people trying to escape the country, which under the Taliban’s rule could become quite horrible to live in. The Taliban has very regressive social ideas, with many women losing rights and their laws in general reverting.

  However, this really is not our problem. We have lost quite a bit of money, in the trillions, butting into affairs that weren’t ours, and Afghanistan is no different. There was really no reason other than more control of the region and of oil, under a guise of combatting terrorism. And if we’re looking past American losses, 47,245 Afghan civilians were killed throughout the war. Ultimately, it ended up being all-for-nothing as the country is now under control of the Taliban, like how it was from 1996-2001.

  One argument could be that without the U.S. intervening the situation, it would have been much worse in Afghanistan and the region. However, without any sort of war at all then the country wouldn’t have been ravaged by conflict and fighting. It wasn’t our job to stop the Taliban either, especially when we’re the ones who funded them in the 1980s. This was part of a proxy war in the region against the U.S.S.R. (Soviet Russia).

  This usually happens when the U.S. intervenes into anything like in Vietnam and the Arab Spring. An interventionist approach usually ends up being a bad decision, and for the most part, it was just a big waste of money and a failure anyway you look at it. 

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