The March for Our Lives

What felt like a hurricane of protests that emerged in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting has given the teenagers of this country something they felt they never had before. A voice. A voice that is finally being heard. A voice that is finally being allowed to have an opinion on serious issues within our society and isn’t being brushed off as childish or immature. A voice that should be listened to now.

From walk-outs to protests, it’s clear that this fight is not one that will fizzle out or begin to dim very soon. So, the importance of this time is to be open-minded and begin to listen to each other. Republican or Democrat, political party doesn’t matter when there are teenagers that are afraid for their lives. The feeling of security and safety for teenagers within our schools is something that should never be taken away.

The symbol for this revolution is the Douglas High School students themselves. They have become the pioneers in the fight for gun control. These students have made such a dent within our society that they have been invited to go speak with the Dean of Harvard at the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School and with other politicians to further the fight.

They have organized the March for Our Lives this Saturday, it will be held in Washington D.C., but as we saw from the Women’s March, it is not going to be limited to just that. The Houston March for Our Lives will be held at Tranquility Park at 9:00 am. Will you go and fight for the right to be safe in school?

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