The C-Word

The C-Word

Cancer. It is the word that everyone dreads to hear. No one wants to have a casual check-up and be hit with the news “you have cancer”.

Every second of every day you have cancer cells in your body, but this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily turned on. Cells mutate all the time, they make mistakes, they have those days, but our bodies have the ability to stop them before they can cause any real damage that is spread. In fact, we ourselves can prevent cancer by watching what we eat.

In the movie, The C Word which had its live screening in January, we are given the statistics that 70% of cancer deaths are preventable. Why not more? Why not just cancel out the possibility of having cancer in the first place? This is the answer that the movie seeks out; how can we fix our lifestyles so that our cells don’t need to undergo a bad change and continue to grow in a harmful manner. The answer is all in your lifestyle.

By simply exercising, keeping a well-nourished body, avoiding toxins, and managing stress, you can prevent the occurrence of the harmful mutation. Some people think that this is just a bogus opinion, but we think that it is indeed a fact.

It is up to you to decide which you choose to believe, but have you ever heard of someone who takes good care of their life getting cancer? The answer is simple; manage your stress levels, eat proper things for your body, and keep a proper activity schedule. You’ll find that in turn your mental state will improve as well.

Alexia van der Dys

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