The 5 Best Songs of Frank Ocean's Blond

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It’s been four years since our beloved Frank made the whole world weep with his first album, Channel Orange. The album left a mark in our hearts due to its original sound and aesthetic that has cast an inescapable spell on us all. To say that the wait for this album was worth it is an understatement. I would personally go through all of the misleading album releases and sleepless nights just thinking, “I wonder if Frank is still alive,” all over again. Blonde is probably one of the best albums of 2016 right behind Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Now, I have listened to this album deeply and intensely. I truly believe that there are five songs that are true gems and make the album even more extraordinary than it already is.


This song is definitely one of my favorites, with its catchy and continuous, “I thought that I was dreaming/ When you said you loved me,” beginning line that pulls you into the dreamy short story of Frank’s ballad of love and youth. This song is all unearthly-guitar and longing vocals that are both dreamy and enchanting, one of Frank’s trademarks.

  1. “Skyline To”

The nature sounds in this song really gets me, along with the warm bass that really makes his voice pop. The hymns and harmonies are loud but the background numbs them a bit making it perfect for him to flaunt his flawless vocals.


This song is seriously great with its semi-upbeat rhythm that compliments Frank’s voice whilst he raps smoothly. It’s transitions are a genuine blessing to anyone ears as it goes from playful R&B to blissful soul/electric guitar solo then back to playful classic R&B.

  1. “Godspeed”

Frank does a lovely job when he sings soul. This song vaguely reminds me of “Bad Religion”, from his previous album Channel Orange, with its iconic organ and vocal vibrato that suits the album very well. Towards the end Frank adds the beloved Kim Burrel who is believed to be one of the best soul singers. She truly did a great job in this song by far.

  1. White Ferrari”

With its slow and monotonous beginning, you know Frank means business as he gives off a nostalgic feel, that is soft and seems as if his voice is crying through a dark void with only his voice and a soundscape acoustic. As he sings,”Bad luck to talk on these rides/Mind on the road/Your dilated eyes watch the clouds float/White Ferrari/Had a good time” you can tell that Frank is recalling a memory from long ago that consisted of a very quiet but comfortable car ride with someone “so familiar.” This song is as innocent as it gets with Frank having the White Ferrari he’s riding symbolize a relationship that is pure and sweet, but far in the past and only just a distant memory.

Story by Amora Flores