Test taking tips for finals

Test taking tips for finals:


  • Start studying a while before

-going over the material a little bit every day will help you be able to remember everything easier when taking the test

-if you cram everything for the night before, you’re more likely to forget stuff


  • Use quizlet or make games to help you review

-using different methods to help you study will benefit you in the long run

-you will remember stuff easier if you come up with tricks or ways to be able to remember it in a fun way


  • When you get your test, immediately write down anything you know  you will have a had time remembering during the test

-write down formulas, key facts, and any other information you will need to remember and know you might forget

-write it down while it is fresh on your mind


  • Go through and do what you know

-try and go through the test multiple times, saving what you couldn’t answer before or anything you aren’t too confident about for last

-this will help you not waste time and make sure you don’t spend too long on one question


  • Manage your time

-don’t spend too long on one question, during finals, we only have a certain amount of time and you need to be able to pace yourself especially because finals can be lengthy

-check the clock every few minutes to ensure you arent veering off track and wasting time


  • When studying, take breaks and do something different

-try and not to study for super long periods of time at once, try and take at least a few 5-15 minute breaks

-during your breaks, do something that has nothing to do with what you are studying, watch a video, eat a snack, or even take a short walk


  • Get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast

-you don’t want to be thinking about how hungry or struggle to keep yourself awake during the test, need to be completely focused on test

-try and get around 8-10 hours of sleep the night before and eat a healthy breakfast that will keep you full


  • Read all the directions carefully and read all the answer choices before choosing one

-the directions tell you what you are supposed to do and you could do something wrong if you don’t.

-an answer choice could immediately look like the right answer but make sure to read all of them because one could be a trick question


  • Use process of elimination

-first eliminate answer choices that are obviously wrong, then eliminate choices that only partially answer the question, and then from there it should be easier to choose an answer


  • If there is a map or chart, make sure to read everything

-if you don’t read over all the information you’re given, you might not be able to answer a question and you could get it wrong


  • When studying, focus on stuff you aren’t too confident about and go over them the most

-don’t focus too much on things you already know and wont forget, focus and go over the stuff you don’t know and need to review

-still go over the stuff you know but make sure to focus on your weaknesses


Elizabeth Grizzell

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