Teacher of The Week: Athletic Trainer Marianne Landon

Our very first Teacher of the Week is Assistant Athletic Trainer Marianne Landon. Coach Landon is a Stratford alum who just returned this year, this time to pass on all she has learned since sitting in these classrooms. Get to know Coach Landon below!

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: “Texas A&M and University of Houston.”


Q: What concert would you absolutely have to attend?

A: “The Super Bowl halftime show this year.”


Q: What is something that a ton of people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?

A: “Lululemon.”


Q: What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

A: “Spring break.”


Q: What is one of your favorite smells?

A: “I don’t know…cake, freshly baked cake because we just ate some.”


Q: Have you ever saved someone’s life?

A: “Not like with CPR, no, no.”


Q: Among your friends or family, what are you famous for?

A: “I guess being rational, I don’t know.”

Check back next week for the next Teacher of the Week!

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