Survivor: David vs Goliath Review

By: Benjamin Siciliano

Last fall, CBS aired the 37th season of its hit reality show: Survivor. For those who haven’t watched, Survivor is a game where a group of Americans travel to a remote, tropical location to survive for 39 days. The group is typically divided into two tribes, and compete against each other in challenges for reward, which makes their stay on the island a little bit more enjoyable, and immunity, which protects a tribe from Tribal Council. At Tribal Council the tribe who lost the challenge must vote out one of their members. This cycle continues until the Merge, where the remaining castaways join together into one tribe. From there, the castaways compete for individual immunity, and all go to Tribal Council together. Castaways voted out after this point typically join the Jury, who help decide the winner at the end of the game. Besides the threat of being eliminated, castaways have to watch out for tribe swaps, and hidden advantages like idols, which can prevent a castaway from being voted out. Anyway, once the game reaches its 39th day and three castaways remain, the Final Tribal Council is held, where the players pitch for the Jury members’ votes in hopes to win the game, and the million dollar prize along with it.

This season, themed David vs. Goliath, featured twenty castaways fighting it out on the islands of Fiji. As a big fan of Survivor, I am always excited for the new edition of the show. Going into this season however, I was a little apprehensive as recent seasons had ended up being underwhelming and disappointing due to poor editing. However, it is safe to say this season delivered, in more ways than one, and showcased why so many people have watched this show since its start in 2000.

From start to finish, I never lost interest in this season. It offered a great cast, all of whom were likeable and offered great social and strategic gameplay. The many humorous and surprising moments this season were amazing as well. Almost all of the Tribal Councils this season had me on the edge of my seat, not to mention the immunity and reward challenges, which were equally as intense and enthralling. In the end, the Sole Survivor who managed to outwit, outplay, and outlast their competitors gave this season a satisfying finish. The editing was much better this time around, and I really enjoyed it. Survivor: David vs. Goliath is definitely a must-watch for Survivor fans, and a great choice for a first season if anyone is looking for a new show to watch. Out of all of the 37 seasons Survivor has, this one is definitely one of my favorites.Also, fun fact, season 38, Survivor: Edge of Extinction, is premiering on February 20th! So if you’re interested, be sure to check it out on CBS.

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