Student Thanks Veterans Through Poetry

Junior Benjamin Burnham wrote a poem, thanking all veterans for their hard work, and commending them for their efforts. Thank you Benjamin, and thanks to our veterans!


We honor the ones who fight, who fought,

The ones who won, and those who we have lost.

Through toppled arms and enemies you have brought,

Peace and freedom, that which matters most.

Service you swore, pride in your eyes,

From the vigilant who on the reveille rise,

To they who have given love, limb and life.

To you, what more can be said,

than what we would say a thousand times,

A thanks, to you, for all of our lives.

The price is a great one,

And every moment for you a trial,

But you have made our cause greater.

And for this, every person, every one,

Across the land, every mile,

Salutes you this day, our veterans, our patriots

our volunteers, our soldiers.

Thank you for everything that we have.

By Benjamin Burnham


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