Stratford Thespians Performance Tomorrow!

Thespian Troupe #2215 is about to leave for the 2019 Texas Thespians Festival (a.k.a. ThesCon). At this event, the students take workshops, see shows, and participate in individual competition events. Competition events include both onstage and offstage tasks, including things such as lighting challenges and group musicals.

Tomorrow after school in the auditorium, the onstage individual events will be putting on a showcase for all parents and students who are interested in attending. The events performing are:

-Junior Luke Lyster- Monologue

-Juniors Ryan McCall and Kori Spaulding- Duet Acting

-Seniors Connor Panto and McKenna Tanner- Duet Acting

-Seniors Sydni Moon and Isabella Waltz- Duet Musical

-Select Sophomores- Group Musical

-Select Juniors- Group Musical

-Select Seniors- Dance Challenge

Although we do not get to see the offstage competitors perform in their competitions, we will be cheering them on from a distance when they are attending ThesCon in Grapevine. Go Spartans!

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