Stratford Really Does Have Talent!

By Laura Koerner and Kaleb Vu

Our school is full of individuals and groups with funky and amazing talents, and they were all showcased in our packed auditorium this past Saturday. From jamming with the jazz band, to listening intently to a heart-wrenching guitar solo, and even a performance from our principal, Mr. Crowson, the musical talent that was displayed this weekend was remarkable and moving. Even despite some minor hiccups with the tech crew, the contestants still managed to perform well and impress the audience with their talents.

There were some new talents that had never been brought to the Spartan stage before seven o’clock this past Saturday. The “Stratford Ringers”, a handbell choir made up of band students Laura Koerner, Reid Wiland, Tiani Chen-Troester, Carolyn Koerner, Valentina Delgado, Kyle Hagedorn, and Madison Peters debuted with a performance of “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles. We were treated to a book reading from student Erik Rankin who read an excerpt of his book “[insert name here].”  On the more arbitrary side of performances, sophomore Adam Shugart returned with his balancing act, opening with a unicycle juggling act, and continued to balance ladders, bikes, and more ladders on his face. 

Other performances included soloist Kerri Whitton, a sophomore, who sang “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant, Kylie Gallien who sang “I Don’t Want to be you Anymore” by Billie Eilish, “All Too Well”from Taylor Swift’s “Red” album by Keinaz Chavoshi, junior, Stratford Glee Club who sang “Cups” by Anna Kendrick, Ciara Williams, freshman,  dancing to “Icy” by ITZY. Mr. Crowson sang “Watching the Wheels” by John Lennon, and Mrs. Evans sang “Somebody to Love” by Queen. 

The Jazz Band, comprised of juniors Josh Cooper, Trevor Ramey, Brian Kling, Graham Keller, and senior Nathan Shugart,won third place and were awarded with 50 dollars each. Senior Pierce Burrows won second place with a stunning guitar solo called “Interstellar”, and he won one hundred dollars. First place was granted to sophomore Jackson Webb, with his ukulele rendition of “Creep” by RadioHead, and he won two hundred and fifty dollars.

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