Spooky Season : Teacher Edition

Story by: Kyle Z. and Michael B.

The spooky season has begun. Halloween is coming my up and people are getting ready. But it’s not just students that have plans for Halloween the teachers also plan to do stuff for Halloween.

Theatre 1 teacher Cece Prudhome has plans to attend an annual Halloween parade. “They have the parade every year and I will go once I’ve finished rehearsals on Halloween. It is very thoughtful and well planned out” said Ms Prudhome.

Also spanish teacher Maria Lopez has big plans according to her it’s a tradition that they’ve done in their family for very long.”My plans are to give out candy at home with my boyfriend and dress as a vampire and my boyfriend will be a pilot. We will also make hamburgers that we share with our neighbors. This is a tradition we had in Brownsville Texas. We grilled burgers and hotdogs for our big family and gave out candy.”

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