Spartanaire Progressive Dinner

 The Progressive Dinner has been a spartanaire tradition that involves everyone in the organization. It is a night where all of the spartanaires get together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas as a team by eating delicious
food all together.

While veteran junior and senior spartanaires have been to the dinner before, this was the sophomore’s first year to experience it.

 “I was so excited for it because it is something that I have never gotten to do before. Getting to have each course at a different house is cool, but also it is just a great way to get to spend time with all the girls on spartanaires,” sophomore Morgan Vandervoort said.

 It starts out at individual houses with appetizers. The way the team is split up, is by squads- two or three squads go to each house for appetizers and have time to be social with a different group of girls.

 After that, everybody splits up to go eat dinner in their individual squads at separate houses. Each house has the same dinner from the same restaurant. This year the dinner was pasta with red sauce and chicken alfredo.

 “I enjoyed the squad dinner the most because it was a great way to bond with the girls while eating delicious food,” sophomore Madeleine Gustafsson said.

 Finally, the dinner always ends at the dessert house. Everyone comes together as a team to eat delicious sweets and socialize. There, an ornament exchange takes place as well.


“My favorite part about the dinner is going to the dessert house, because we get to see everyone there, and there is tons of tasty treats,” junior Yeon Kim said.

 Prior to the dinner everyone is assigned to bring something, whether it be appetizers or desserts. With each girl doing her part and bringing her own item of food to the respective house, there is more than enough to feed everyone.

 Nobody leaves the desert house without a full stomach and a new festive ornament for their Christmas tree.

Story by: Maddie Suerth