She Kills Monsters: Stage Combat

By: Reese Leif

Choreography is defined as “a series of steps or movements in a theatrical setting”. Although this usually applies to dance, black box show She Kills Monsters incorporates sword fighting and kicks to the gut.

Sophomore Kate Hebert serves as the cast’s fight captain.

“As fight captain, my job is to make sure that every fight looks good and that every cast member is being safe.” Hebert says.

During the run of the show, Hebert’s job is running the fight call before each performance. Every fight is run before the show three times at three different speeds- extremely slow, half speed, and then full out. This process is used to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the show.

In addition to serving as fight captain, Hebert also performs in the show as a supporting character. Although balancing these two responsibilities can be challenging at times, Hebert makes sure to evenly distribute herself based on the task at hand.

“The cast got the chance to learn the basics of stage combat at a workshop we held in December,” she explains.

Many of the cast members had not worked with stage combat this intensely before this show. In fact, some had never even worked with it before.

“I have been in shows with stage combat before, but I’ve never been the one actually doing it,” says cast member Sydni Moon. “I’ve had a lot of fun learning more about stage combat through this show. Although I don’t do as much of the fighting, I’m thankful to have learned new skills that I can use in future shows.”

As the show approaches, the fight sequences continue to get faster and more advanced. The cast continues to work hard at making the show safe for both the actors and the audience.

Come support the Stratford Playhouse and see She Kills Monsters from October 18th-20th. Tickets are $5 for students with a Stratford ID and $10 for everyone else. They are available at the door and will be sold at lunch.

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