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  1. A wonderful website that informs the reader of what happens in their school including the events, different clubs, news, and student’s names who had many achievements in the school year. In my opinion, this website is perfect as is. It pulls the readers’ attention due to its topics, and it doesn’t make the reader bored like other websites. As a virtual student, I had fun reading about the May 2021 issue.

  2. Page 1: Perfect.
    Page 2: It would be better if the paragraphs were summarized.
    Page 3: Using colored photos is much better, and the font is too small.
    Page 4: If we played in the font, it would look much better. Playing with bolds and italics makes a difference.
    Page 5: Photos are perfectly placed, and it answers what,when,where,who, why, and how.
    Page 6: I really liked this page. It’s amazing!
    Page 7: This is really good, no comments.
    Page 8-9: What I liked the most about this photo is that it’s perfectly colored. Wonderful!
    Page 10: The design of this picture easily attracts the reader’s attention. I would suggest to use darker colors.
    Page 11: It clearly answers who,what,why,when, and how. Also I really liked the titles under each photo.
    Page 12: As in “Boys Basketball”, “Volleyball”, and “swimming”, pictures should be added to other sports. By adding pictures, you may reach all sports audience.
    Page 13: It’s full of paragraphs, so less people may be attracted. If we summarized the paragraphs, added pictures, and added colors, it will attract and reach more people.

  3. This website is amazing and it’s perfect. In my opinion no changes should be made, it’s very appealing .Great way to bring attention to all the pages and an amazing way all this information is written. Great way to end it this year.

  4. some of the picture needs more color and if y’all summarized the paragraphs it will be way better and more people will read it

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