School Policies

COVID-19 rules for going back to school.

Texas and New York are large and diverse states. This leads to many interactions between people right now and in the middle of a world-wide pandemic that results in the spread of COVID-19. Public schools have implemented new rules and guidance to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Four new policies and recommended practices by that are implemented for in-person learning in requirements for parental and public notices, required practices to prevent the virus from entering the school, required practices to respond to a test-confirmed case in the school, and required practices to reduce likely spread inside the school. These practices are implemented to reduce the chance that any student and staff members don’t contract the virus.

Data provided about COVID-19 cases in Texas

This set of reports provides an overview of COVID-19 cases in public schools in Texas. Cases in this report are defined as any staff member or student who participates in any on-campus activity that is test-confirmed COVID-19 of which a public school is notified. Suppressed cases will be included in the statewide total. All data are provisional and subject to change. Corrections may lead to data being updated with more accurate or complete information.

In New York City, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has made efforts to secure and ensure that the public school system is ready to be open. Schools will promote new practices and policies to keep COVID-19 out and in-person students in. Six feet social distancing, face coverings at all times, hand washing and sanitizer stations, students eating in their classrooms, and each building will have an assigned illness room in case anything has been identified. The big picture for New York City school policies is very similar to Texas where it is in-person and distance learning available for all students. Blended learning is being implemented where students are in school for half the week and in-home for the other half. New York City has safety practices to ensure COVID-19 does not enter their schools.

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