Safe to Save: The app that saves lives

Article By: Maddie Burke

After a teenager in College Station lost his life to a driver texting on his phone,Marci Corry knew a change needed to be made. Research shows that nearly 21% ofteen drivers involved in fatal car accidents are distracted by the phones. Her impact onsafe driving in communities all over texas started with the creation of Safe to Save. Safeto Save was founded in October 2016, and is an app that regulates how much time youspend on the phone while driving. This app has rapidly grown in the past two years andnow has over 92,000 daily users, myself included. The app is completely free and veryeasy to use. Safe to Save is so unique because of the rewards provided to those whouse it and drive safely. For every minute you’re driving without going on your phone, theapp collects points for you. The points allow you to get free food, haircuts, and more, atlocations near you just by the push of the button.

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