Recognizing Character Without Question: Nathan Siciliano 2021

Written by Grace Hare Photos by Emma Whitton

On March.3, Senior Nathan Siciliano was acknowledged for his exemplary behavior and received the 2021 Character Without Question award from counselor Lynn Hollister.

Senior Nathan Siciliano and counselor Lynn Hollister exchanging the plaque recognizing students who model leadership and character in their schools and communities.

“I think Character Without Question means leading by example. My parents raised me to be a man of integrity, and I was lucky to have great coaches and teachers who also encouraged me on the way,” Siciliano said. “Being a leader amidst the many is what character is really about.”

In honor of students who show leadership, the district recognizes each winner with a plaque titling them the 2021 winner, a poster with their photo, and a book encouraging them to continue to live their lives honorably and take initiative in their futures.

This year, winners received “All The Places You’ll Go,” by Dr.Suess.

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