Quarantine Cravings

By Tyler Sun

Since the end of March, we have missed going to school with our friends. 

No one enjoys being stuck at home for 5 months. 

However, there is one thing we did not miss about going to school: lunches. 

At school, there are many restrictions on what you can eat for lunch. For instance, if you wanted to eat Chick-fil-A for lunch, you would have to convince your parents to deliver it to the office for you. However, during the two weeks of online instruction, and for those who will be attending school online, you could eat whatever you want. 

In an Instagram poll about what kinds of foods students had been eating, responses showed how students were enjoying the freedom of choosing what to eat for lunch by eating fast food, which is a rare treat for students in school and frozen food, which students would never be able to eat at school.

In the poll, one student stated that “Overall, I’m glad that we all have flexibility to eat what we want at home.”

Another option that students can choose to eat for lunch is home cooked meals. From sandwiches to pasta, there is a near infinite variety of foods students can make at home to enjoy during their lunch periods.

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