One on One With Mark Perkins

By Jackson Allred

On Oct. 4, junior Mark Perkins announced via Twitter where he was choosing to further his academic and baseball career at the college level.

“I’m excited to announce I’ll be achieving my childhood dream of playing college baseball and continuing my academics at Rice University,” Perkins announced on Twitter.

Perkins currently plays on the baseball and basketball varsity squads for the green and white. The Oracle sat down with Perkins to ask him what his commitment to Rice was like, and his excitement for Stratford’s upcoming baseball season.

Q: What stood out to you about Rice Baseball in particular?

A: The culture at Rice definitely stood out to me. I was able to meet the players and coaches which helped me make my decision. The closeness of the campus to home also played a factor in my decision.

Q: What impact, if any, does your commitment have on the way you will play at Stratford?

A: My commitment has very little impact on the way I’ll play at Stratford. I still have the same mentality, preparation, and goals for Stratford baseball as I always have, and my commitment does not change that.

Q: How easy or hard was your decision to commit to Rice?

A: The coaches, players, and culture at Rice definitely made my commitment easier. Although it was a tough decision to decide where I wanted to play college baseball, the people at Rice definitely made it easier.

Q: What is your excitement level for this year’s Stratford baseball varsity team?

A: My excitement level for this upcoming season is very high. I’m excited about getting back on the field with my teammates and competing for Stratford. How well we have prepared this offseason and played in recent tournaments makes me excited about this baseball team. I also look forward to the possibility of us making a strong playoff run.

Mark Perkins adds to the list of Spartans who are pursuing their dreams and playing sports at a collegiate level. In his announcement on Twitter, Perkins wrote, “I’d like to thank God, family, friends, and coaches who have motivated me and helped shape me into the person and player I am today!”

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