News In Brief: March. 3

World: Potential Covid-19 vaccination passports by Grace Hare

Photo of a couple holding their Israeli vaccination passports, only three days ago. Photo credit to The Guardian magazine.

Different versions of the coronavirus vaccine continue to roll out globally, as many nations face the problem of how to reopen their communities without contracting Covid from unvaccinated people. The newest proposal? 

A Covid-19 vaccine passport, which would separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated by government-issued cards or smartphone badges. Some governments believe this will help make reopening their economies and reuniting families easier and safer.

World-wide plans differ in the scale and the execution of the proposed vaccination passports, with some viewing the certification as a way to make public places such as gyms, concerts, and restaurants accessible only to citizens who have received immunization. 

While most plans for a Covid-19 vaccination passport are still underway, Israel became the first to integrate these last week. President Biden has asked “federal agencies to explore options,” according to a source in the New York Times.

National: First African American chair on the White House economic council by Grace Hare

Photo of Cecilia Rouse, the confirmed chair of the Council of Economic advisors. Photo credit the New York Times.

On March 2, the Senate confirmed Cecilia Rouse as the chair of President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors. These members help advise the president on policy based on data, reasoning and evidence. 

As the first African American to be admitted to this council, Dr.Rouse won the Senate’s final vote of 95 to 4. Dr. Rouse is the dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and a former member of the council under President Barack Obama. 

As she prepares to lead in her field, Dr.Rouse looks forward to help mitigate the damages of the coronavirus on the economy.

Local:   An insight into the Houston Texans by Nathan Keyworth

When one considers the state of Houston sports recently, there is a lot to be desired. It seems as if virtually every major Houston sports team is either rebuilding or just isn’t very good.

A good example of this is the Houston Texans. Any proud Texans fan would reluctantly have to admit that their team is going through a rebuilding phase.

Logo of the Houston Texans. Photo credits the official website of the Houston Texans.

A year ago, we traded DeAndre Hopkins (arguably one of the best wide receivers in the entire NFL) to Arizona for what seems like a bag of chips and an Icee. I’ll give David Johnson credit where it’s due, but his performances aren’t what they once were.

Imagine my surprise when I hear that JJ Watt has moved to Arizona as well. Apparently, the Deshaun Watson saga in Houston isn’t far from reaching completion, either. The Texans want to retain Watson for another season, but he isn’t too keen on the idea. Who can blame him?

You can find the rest of this article in the March print edition of the Oracle, which is coming out soon!

Positive: How to mitigate the damages of the winter storm by Nathan Keyworth

Photo of the icicles during the winter storm. Many homes continued without water in the weeks following the suprising shortages. Photo credit Maddy Fields.

 Even though for some of us our lives have returned back to normal after the winter freeze that marched through the state of Texas, there are still many Houstonians left without water.

According to Mayor Sylvester Turner, the number likely figures in the thousands. This is an issue that needs a resolution. The city is working to fix it, but there are also ways that we can help those around us.

If we have working water, it would not be a bad idea to refrain from purchasing packs upon packs of bottled water. This way, we can save water for those who really need it. Perhaps we could also take it upon ourselves to deliver bottled water to those we know are without it.

This problem is one that we have all experienced as of late. Please take the time to think about others as you continue to live your lives. Selfishness is something we can’t afford to hold onto when we know that others are suffering around us.

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