By: Will Jones  

A new terrorist group has emerged, under the name ISIS-K. It is a branch of ISIS based in Afghanistan. They emerged during and after the American leave in Afghanistan. Recently, they committed a devastating terrorist attack at the Kabul Airport, killing 11 marines and over a hundred Afghani citizens. The president plans on dealing with them and announced that we are “not done with them yet.” 

  This terrorist group  isn’t really new, according to U.S. intelligence, and is actually just a new branch of the long-standing terrorist group, ISIS. They take their name from the Khorasan province. Actually, this branch began operating as far back as 2014. They only recently became active however. The first U.S. casualty was attributed to this group in 2016, and  they have recently become a lot more active however and aren’t backing down.

  The group has been growing a lot in size, and is just getting more and more influence in the region. They are supported and recognized by the larger, and more powerful main ISIS group. Instability in the region after the U.S. withdrawal also allowed the group to gain a lot more power, and cause a lot more conflict. 

  This could cause some more conflict in the region. Possibly between them and the other main terrorist group of the region, the Taliban, which have been talked about extensively for quite a while. Or this group will just dissolve and be more disorganized like before. They’ve already caused quite a ruckus and maybe threats from the U.S. will cause them to dissolve, but I think they’ll just grow. However, only time can tell.

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