How Sports Events Have Changed

By: Sydney Hayden

Sports events are known for being exciting and entertaining and are a great way to escape reality. As times have changed, events have become more of an escape now than ever before.

  Anyone that participates in these events have been affected by the new challenges that have arisen because of COVID-19. Football players, basketball players, cheerleaders, Spartanaires, band, spectators and many others must be extra cautious to keep everyone safe at these events. I spoke with band member Camila Velarde about these changes.

  “During games, we’re all going to be wearing masks and our instruments will be covered with special material that keeps the virus from spreading,” she explained. “COVID-19 has definitely taken a toll on this season. We would normally start working on show music and drill in late July, but because of the virus, we weren’t able to start practicing until August. Things have been hard for everyone, but the directors are doing as much as they can to make things feel normal again.”

  Coaches and directors are doing everything they can to make sure that everyone is safe. Social distancing, masks, and proper sanitation are just some of the ways that they are keeping students safe. Although these might be difficult to enforce, they are preventing the spread of the virus.

  Despite all the things that are changing, everyone is still optimistic about what is to come. 


 “I know that this season has a lot of great things in store for us, despite the challenges that have come with this pandemic.” Camila said. “It’s great that we still have the opportunity to practice and perform our show at the football games.” 

  The band performed at their first football game of the season on October 1st. They enjoyed the game and loved showing everyone what they are working on. Although the game looked different, everyone was excited to be there and felt a sense of normalcy for a change.

  There were many precautions put in place to keep everyone safe. All people attending had to keep their masks on at all times, and people were only on every other row and each were six feet apart from each other. There was a section marked off for band and Spartanaires down by the field, while up at the top, spectators were allowed to watch. Only a certain number of tickets were sold to allow for fewer people in the stands to better enforce social distancing. Finally, there were covers on instruments to prevent the spread of germs.

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