Halloween Costume Story

Story by Joy Meyers

Every year Halloween Costumes seem to get better and better, and every year people go as popular treads and characters of the year before. This year will be no different. These are my top five Halloween Costumes I expect to see out this year.

At number five I would guess Danielle Cohn. If you do not know, this girl named Danielle made a TikTok dancing to a song that blew up. Scrolling through TikTok I have seen a bunch of videos of people ordering a cropped Harvard Sweatshirt, as seen in the original TikTok, as well as a long brown wig and Adidas track pants. Also sharing the number five spot would be any viral TikTok. I have also seen, scrolling through the ForYou Page, a lot of TikTok based costumes.

Number four would be Avengers. With the release of Endgame earlier in April and the fact that superheroes are always a popular costume, it was easy to come to that. To go even more in depth, my top three avengers picks would be Iron Man, Captain America and Captain Marvel. Spoiler Warning for anyone who has not yet seen Endgame. ​With the death of Iron Man, I feel as though he would be a top pick for many. Same goes for Captain America, except he did not die. Also as a new hero added to the MCU I feel Captain Marvel will have a lot of fans this Halloween.

The number three spot goes to Eleven from Stranger Things. Since its release in 2016, Stranger Things has blown up, but one character in particular, Eleven, has been a very popular costume. After season one, many went as her in a dress and blonde wig with some blood dripping from the nose, a popular look from that season. Same with season two. With the release of season three in July, may people have took her ‘classic 80’s girl’ style from the season and ran with it.

Taking number two would be Pennywise, AKA the clown from IT. In 2017 when the first IT movie came out, may hurried to perfect their Pennywise costumes, going the extra mile to make it perfect. This year I expect nothing different with the sequel to the movie based on the Stephen King Novel that came out in September. Again scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, I have see plenty posts about people getting their Pennywise costumes together before Halloween.

And at number one, My top pick for popular Halloween Costumes this year, Vsco Girls. A style made popular by TikTok and the app of the same name, Vsco, has been one of the most popular trends/styles of the year. I expect Halloween to be no different. Personally I am going this Halloween as a Jewish Vsco Girl, taking a fun spin on the style that has blown up this year.

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