Going Bald For Band

I interviewed senior Stian Mantor, First Lieutenant, about the band’s big UIL win and about the senior’s tradition of shaving their heads.


Carol:  “What exactly did the band win?”

Stian: “We won UIL. There were three judges and we got a one from each judge. A one is the best score any band can get.”


Carol: “What was everyone’s reaction to the win?”

Stian: “Everyone was screaming in excitement and the band director held the trophy above his head.”


Carol:  “Who came up with the idea to shave your heads or dye your hair?”

Stian: “It has been a tradition that the band has done for many years.”


C: “Was it just a bet between the seniors?”

S: “Yes, it is only the seniors who do it. No one else.”


C: “Were you hesitant to shave your head?”

S: “Yes, I was scared about how bad it would look.”


C: “How does a shaved head feel?”

S: “My head gets cold really fast, but it mostly feels soft.”


C: “Would you rather have a shaved head or a full head of hair?”

S: “Thats easy! I would absolutely rather have a full head of hair.”


C: “So you know how the swim team dyes their hair blonde together for their competition? Did everyone shave and dye their hair together?”

S: “Yeah, so we all did it at the same time and we shaved and dyed each others heads.”


C: “You have to practice outside; have you gotten sunburn on your head yet?”

S: ” No, we all wear hats now.”


C: “All and all do you like your shaved head and would you do it again?”

S: Yes, I like it. It is a lot less hassle, but I don’t know if I would do it again.”