Fall Activities

By Dana Akkad

This year, 2020, has been a crazy one, however, it has already been 10 months since we called out happy new year, and it is now fall time.

There is no doubt that COVID has changed lots of peoples plans for the fall seasons so the choice was made to interview a couple of students and see what their plans this season would be, and if COVID has affected them.

Five students were asked “What are your regular fall activities and how do you think COVID might affect them? Do you plan on doing any fall related activities this year?”

These were the responses: “Pumpkin patches, thanksgiving dinner, and going on walks during the nice weather are all fall activities. Due to COVID older family members might be scared to go to dinners and pumpkin patches might make you schedule times when you can come. Going on walks aren’t limited though and they’re a nice way to enjoy nature.” Sophomore Meredith Daulton responded.

Sophomore Victoria Jimmenez said, “I play lacrosse in the fall and I think this year it may not affect it as much because my coach said we are on track to start around the second week of October which is when we normally start but because of COVID it may get moved back further. This year I want to carve pumpkins and make pumpkin bread, go to pumpkin patches, and wear fall clothes.”

Sophomore Sara Zonana responded saying, “My regular fall activities included going to football games every week, going to pumpkin patches, and staying home with laid back pajamas while watching movies. Since COVID has taken place, I think this greatly affects the fun I would have at football games. Although football games are still up and running, the feeling and having to wear masks will be different from other years. This year I still hope to continue going to football games but instead now I will be doing more cooking, watching movies, and hanging out with my family for fall.”

Katherine Kim, also a sophomore, said, “My regular fall activities are mostly outdoor activities because of the cooler weather. My family goes on picnics, and we have thanksgiving dinner. I also usually have a church potluck and do a lot of stuff in the church. I can’t go to church anymore because of COVID, but my family still has picnics and dinners but when we go to the park we have to wear a mask. For this year I plan on hanging out with friends more, especially around Halloween time, and hopefully I can go outside to play sand volleyball in my neighborhood’s court.”

Finally we had sophomore Anna Theilemann respond, “As a result of COVID, we had a late start for Stratford tennis. Tryouts were pushed back, along with tournaments and practices. Other than social distancing and wearing masks, tennis feels like it’s pretty much gone back to normal! Tennis is my main fall/year round activity because it is a big time commitment. In addition, student council and BPA are clubs I am involved in that were both pushed back because of COVID.”

It seems that students have mostly gone back to their normal routines, and have some pretty exciting activities planned for fall. It’s wonderful seeing everyone trying to make the most of what they can during this pandemic.

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