Education and Kindness

By: Grace Hare

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. To know that they are talented and beautiful and deserving of every opportunity in the whole wide world. We steal that from people. We shred the most delicate and important sentiment of the universe, kindness.

Freshman Erin Ramos is a person of supreme kindness, of warmth and friendship. A person who goes out of her way to make everyone feel special and wonderful. It’s a blessing to meet someone like her, someone who doesn’t see your flaws first, but your strengths.

I remember the first week of high school. I was so scared, and I felt like my friends had groups I wasn’t a part of anymore. It was Erin who made me feel better. She saw me and ran up to give me a hug. She made me feel like, despite the change from middle school, I still had a friend who was there for me.

“Always be kind and sweet. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Ask somebody to help out another person if you can’t help them. Make a difference for someone,” Erin said.

To Erin’s teacher, Mrs. Juarez, the most rewarding part of her job is seeing what people are capable of. To see the incredible things every student can achieve. “It is very rewarding, when you see the kids learning new things, and exceeding expectations. After working with them, they grow,” special education and life skills teacher Mrs. Juarez said.

Erin wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and envisions herself sharing with others the power of education, the gift of knowledge, and the future everyone receives through school. “I want to be a teacher, and help them learn and be smarter. Make a future generation that learns things that have never been known before,” Erin said.

It’s important for Erin to value your family, your friends, and your free time, but it is just as important to value your teachers. “My teacher means the world to me, she is my life and my treasure. She is sweet and kind and beautiful. My teacher makes us feel good, and makes us feel at home. We love our teacher, without her smarts we would not be learning. She means the world to me,” Erin said.

For Erin, the experience of high school is one that is different, but exciting. “It’s fun, it’s pretty cool and very exciting to be in high school,” Erin said.

Mrs. Juarez teaches her students the value of education and what it means to pursue the opportunities that school presents you with. “Education is very powerful, when you’re learning new things it opens up many possibilities,” Mrs. Juarez said.

A true gift for Erin is the incredible worlds that are opened through the power to read. “It makes you smarter and more educated to read. You learn more stories and new books, and you find new adventures. It feels like I’m in the story.”

Erin doesn’t understand why someone wouldn’t appreciate the beauty in what school is. A chance to be supported by an administration with your best interests in mind, to meet new people, and most importantly to get to pursue what you learn. To be greeted by an entire school full of knowledge, with doors wide open for you.

“School is very important to me, I get an education, I learn new stuff, and I see new stuff. Everyone should think that school is fun, because you learn what is in the next chapter of your life,” Erin said.

The most life changing and important thing that someone told Erin Ramos, is what she’s capable of. “Someone said, ‘Erin, if you set your mind to it, you are capable of anything and you can change the world.’ I can teach people what it means to be kind and sweet. That is what I wish for more than anything in the world,” said Erin.

In a world frightened of being brave enough to treat others with even simple courtesy, it is so much more powerful, and so much more beautiful to follow the example of someone like Erin Ramon, and to be truly kind.

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