Easy Ups- Monica Deru

Amid COVID-19 there are new ground rules for seating arrangements during lunch.

COVID-19 has brought many ups and owns to this country. Thankfully, one o the ups is that schools were able to invite students back for the fall semester. Since all the new social distancing policies have been established, new seating areas have become accessible during lunch. One the new locations is on the south lawn with Easy Ups. Easy Ups are tents that can be put ups and taken down with ease. Many people can fit under them and still maintain a six-feet social distance. Mr. Clayton, the tech theater teacher’s Spartan Time puts up the tents, and his eighth period Production class take them down. Twelfth grade principal Alfredo Retana said, “Mr. Clayton’s Spartan Time are unsung heroes.” On A days, Coach Humphrey’s baseball players help take down the tents at the beginning of their practice. As a student body, social distancing is vital to keep our school open and students healthy; Easy Ups are one of the many reasons we can be at school amidst this world-wide pandemic.


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