Debate at UT

The debate team sat together during the awards ceremony for the tournament, huddled up in warm clothes. 

 Cold rain pouring down onto a dark night, the perfect weather to be walking across the expansive UT campus. The debate team recently attended the prestigious University of Texas Longhorn Classic, which is just a fancy name for a really competitive tournament. There you’ll probably find teenagers walking around in three-piece suits and briefcases, playing in their own world of make believe of corporate America.

 Eight debate students attended, with sophomore, Maddy Reichel, advancing to semifinals in Congress debate. The team accompanied the Memorial and Spring Woods debate teams, making a collective Spring Branch team.

 The Longhorn Classic is notorious for being difficult, challenging even the best debaters as schools from around the country congregated at the University of Texas. Debate teacher and coach, Harry Yu, brought the teams to the tournament accompanied by World History teacher, Deborah Owens.

 While the tournament is very competitive, it also offers a chance to debaters to explore Austin and the UT campus. This tournament may be competitive but it forges stronger relationships between the team. 

Sophomore, Madeleine Reichel, got to semi-finals in Congress debate. 
The debate team sit around preparing and relaxing during the tournament. 
The team pose for a picture outside of the hotel right before the tournament started on Friday morning. 

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