Celebrate Our State’s Independence On San Jacinto Day!

Written by Kelsey Blackwood Photo Credit by The San Jacinto Museum of History

  Imagine creeping through the trees, in the early morning darkness until you can almost see the tents of your enemy. You have your gun held close, finger ready to fire, as you approach your enemy. You get close enough to see one of the men in Santa Anna’s army, see his eyes widen in realization, watch him turn tail and shout about the opposing army poised to strike in the trees. You open your mouth and yell, “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” 

  18 minutes later, the Battle of San Jacinto is over. Texans celebrate their victory as Santa Anna was led to the injured General Sam Houston in order to give an official surrender. Finally, Texas is a free country. 

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Texas Flag in front of San Jacinto Monument in San Jacinto, Texas.

  It’s been 185 years and Texans are still celebrating our freedom, but now as a recognized state in the United States of America. While no longer as popular, there are still small celebrations and festivities around the state. 

  In San Jacinto they put on a reenactment of the battle that includes cannons and pyrotechnics. It takes place either on or the days surrounding April 21 depending on the weather. It is not a full holiday but is considered partial-staffing and schools are able to take the day off as long as they don’t exceed the limit of no-school days. 

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