Announcement 9/10/18

Homecoming tickets go on sale today during both lunches.  It is $20 a person and includes a t-shirt to wear on Friday.

Hey Spartans guess what’s coming????  LIGHTS, CAMERA, HOCO!! Saturday, September 14 from 8-11.  we will have our first dance of the year for Homecoming. Get ready for lights, camera, HOCO! Don’t forget if  your date is not a student at Stratford you will need to get a date form from any grade level office or counselor’s corner and return by Wednesday, Sept. 12th.

All students who either go to Guthrie or have Off Campus study hall for any period need to see Mrs. Johnson during lunch in the cafeteria.  All of the students who have either Guthrie or Off Campus will be issued a pass that student must have on them when leaving or returning from Guthrie or Off Campus Study Hall.  It would be wise to also take a picture of the pass to have available as well.  These passes are color coded and can only be used for the period the student is in Guthrie or Off Campus Study Hall.  By Friday – please see Mrs. Johnson to pick up your pass in the cafeteria.  Thank you.

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