Advice for Future AP Students

Story by Lauren White

When choosing classes, soemtimes students tend to choose Pre-AP over AP courses

because AP seems intimidating and challenging. While AP is definitely challenging, it is nothing to fear.

World history AP, WHAP, teacher Debbie Owens has been teaching AP for many years. She recommends that her students do the homework and follow her set plan to space out many hours of homework, don’t wait until the weekend. Students have to be self motivated and show great time management. WHAP helps prepare students for future college classes and switch their way of thinking to a more mature level.

“WHAP may seem daunting, but we do have fun and it is achievable” -Mrs. Owens.

Junior Maddie Dawson has taken many AP classes over the course of her high school experience, including world history, U.S. history, English, and physics. She highly recommends taking WHAP because it better prepares students for future AP courses and helps students learn to write more maturely. She recommends any AP student to begin studying for the AP exam ahead of time to relieve some stress and make the test seem less daunting. Also, AP looks good on a resume. What’s the point of having many Pre-AP classes without making it to AP?

“Keep up with your work and stay organized!” -Maddie Dawson.

AP may seem too difficult, but it is achievable. Before opting out of an AP class, remember the benefits of a little challenge.

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